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Eating It Episode 14 - Silver Bells & Ribeye Steaks

This week the fellas talk about comedy in Port Charlotte FL, and the Outer Banks. Andy takes us to Visani's in Port Charlotte where he performed and ate, as well as Bocca Lupo where he stumbled into a deal on some pizza. David then tries to eat barbecue at Smokey's BBQ Shack in Morrisville, NC on a Sunday and finds out it's closed. So he heads to 2 Guys Grill instead. Then Andy takes David to his favorite Mexcian restaurant, El Rodeo where David becomes disappointed because it's not Tex-Mex. A Good time is had and it all ends with some singing. Enjoy!

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Eating It Episode 13 - Cheese Dip!


This week Andy and David talk Mexican Food! David starts by telling us about his experience at the Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, AL. Then Andy talks about his favorite Mexican restaurant in Raleigh, El Rodeo. David and Andy them discuss the wonderfulness that is the FREE NACHO BAR at Chuy's. David talks up the Taco Cabana located all over Texas and finally David tries to sell Andy on Chipotle. Plus a don't miss discussion on "Cheese Dip" vs. "Queso.". Enjoy.

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Eating It Episode 12 - Smack & Cheese

This week Andy and David recover from last week's Thanksgiving feast. Andy cooked a bird for the first time, and David may not have had his best Thanksgiving meal. Then the fellas talk Mac & Cheese. Andy and David both talk about the awesome Mac & Cheese that is served at Tobacco Road Sports Cafe in Raleigh, NC. Then David takes us to Pigeon Forge, TN, (Home of Dollywood), to partake in some Mac & Cheese at The Old Mill Restaurant. Does he like it? You'll have to listen to find out. Then they wrap it up with a recipe of Mac & Cheese in a muffin pan made by David's wife. It is a delicious episode chocked full of laughs, so enjoy!

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Eating It Episode 11 - Gobbling Gravy

This week Andy and David talk Turkey. And Gravy. And Dressing and Cranberry Orange Relish and Sweet Potatoes and... eh... you get it. It's our Thanksgiving Episode! David goes in depth on the best way to both Smoke and Roast a Turkey. The secret is BRINE PEOPLE! Andy shares his very complicated 3 ingredient recipe for Cranberry Orange Relish. Then many side dishes are dicussed including an in depth discussion on GRAVY! I know, it's crazy. Happy Thanksgiving and Enjoy!

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Eating It Episode 10 - Crop Circles of Bison

This week the fellas start out by talking about crop circles and we discover that Andy doesn't have a good grasp on farming in general. Then David takes us to Coral Springs, FL to both eat and perform at a great place called Tavolino Della Notte. Then he jetted off to Denver, CO where he enjoyed a Bison Burger at Ted's Montana Grill. Then Andy ventured all the way over to Durham, NC to a delicious but not so cheap burger joint called Zinburger. And finally Andy has a Cheesesteak at Mellow Mushroom in Herndon, VA. This episode will make you hungry and laugh. Enjoy!

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Eating It Episode 9 - Hot Wings & Hash

This is a fun episode right from the get go. David starts us out in Phoenix, AZ where he both performed and ate at Austin's Bar & Grill. (Or as their website calls it, Austin's Restaurant & Bar.) Then he shares a tale about a great place to get a breakfast burrito in Phoenix, Los Taquitos. Andy then heads to Cleveland, OH where he performed at the Hard Rock Rocksino which is technically outside of Cleveland. But, while visiting the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame he ate at two fabulous places while in Cleveland. First he went to Melt Bar & Grille where he enjoyed a delicious fancy grilled cheese, and then on to Big Al's Diner where he had some incredible Corned Beef Hash. And finally nothing makes a food & comedy podcast tastier than finishing up with talking about a Lice Outbreak at camp! Yum! Enjoy.

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Eating It Episode 8 - Spudnuts!

This week David and Andy record on Election Day. David tells us about the "Huge" crowds he had with April Macie at Shennanigan's in Nolanville, TX on Halloween. Then he takes us to London's Soul Food in Colorado Springs, CO where he gets a Cheesesteak because nothing says Soul Food quite like a Cheesesteak. Then Andy takes us over to Rise Biscuits & Donuts in Durham, NC where he grabbed a delicious Ham & Cheese biscuit, a Maple Bacon Donut and a Garbage "Wonut." What a shocker, he eats garbage. Finally the fellas close it out with a discussion on Pumpkin. Enjoy!



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Eating It Episode 7 - A Plenty

This week Andy talks about performing for the Jewish Community Center in Durham, NC and David shares his story about Eating It at his first paid gig. Then David takes us to Copeland's of New Orleans in Jacksonville, FL where he is surprised the Cajun food is Spicy. Andy tells us of a great place to get Pizza late at night at Picasso Pizza in Columbus, GA. Then Andy takes us to an institution in Spartanburg, SC where he eats a burger with fries and onion rings piled on top at The Beacon Drive-In. Not to mention Andy's wife who is temporarily disabled and trapped in the office and apparently chewing on the internet cable throughout the recording. It is a fun and delicious episode.



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Eating It Episode 6 - Steaks, Steaks & Steaks

On this week’s episode Andy & David tell you about some great and some not so great places to eat steaks. David takes us to The Foothills in Austin, TX, which he loved and U-R-Cooks in Austin, (which he disliked so much they have shut down.) Then David tells us about “One of the best foods I’ve stuck in my face” in Key West, FL at The Commodore Waterfront. Andy talks about getting a fine piece of meat that they carve off right in front of you at The Peddler and finally one of the Finest Steak Houses in the South, (or anywhere for that matter), The Angus Barn in Raleigh, NC. Also David brags about growing up eating homemade Beanie Weenie’s and teaches Andy what the whole 5 Star Michelin Rating is. This episode is hilarious if we do say so ourselves.




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Eating It Episode 5 - BBQ & Doughnuts

This week on the podcast Andy and David talk about Food & Comedy (I know, you are shocked.) David talks about "The Rules of The List" at Magnolia in Austin, TX (David's Home State.) Then David heads to Currituck, NC, (Andy's Home State), and trys the ribs at Currituck BBQ Company. David also gives us a guideline to cooking ribs. Then Andy is STILL talking about his trip to Harrisburg, PA. He went to a great little diner called TJ Homestyle Restaurant in New Cumberland, PA, and then he had to hit the Maple Donuts in York, PA as he headed home. Finally David talks about the famousVoodoo Doughnuts in Portland, OR. It is a delicious episode full of laughs and ribs and doughnuts with bacon.



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Eating It Episode 4 - Vegas and Harrisburg, PA

This week Andy and David talk about the World Series of Comedy in Las Vegas and how much fun it can be and David hits up the Hash House A Go Go in Vegas. A breakfast joint where it's "Breakfast things done Fancily." Then Andy talks about performing comedy in Harrisburg, PA and staying at the CREEPIEST HOTEL EVER! He also eats cheesesteaks twice in less than 24 hours. Once from South Philly Hoagies and then he has one with a side of "Crab Fries" at Shugar's Philly Deli. It will make you laugh, it will make you hungry.



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Eating It Episode 3 - Comedy and Food

Andy and David talk about comedy and food. This week David talks about where, (and where not), to eat in Chicago. First David checks out Toby Keith's I Love This Bar & Grill and then grabs some deep dish pizza at Giordano's. Then Andy shares his experience at the Moose Cafe in Asheville, NC. Finally David schools us on what really are the cheapest frozen meals out there.



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Eating It Episode 2 - Comedy and Food

Andy and David discuss comedy on the road and the great places to eat while performing. This week David visists the great Northwest and talks about Cheese, Doughnuts and a "Mediterranean Joint" he went to in Seattle. As well as Patty's Eggnest Restaurant. David also hits on Jasper's Cafe in Medford, OR for a great burger. Meanwhile Andy went to Williamsburg, VA where he went twice to Shorty's Diner for an amazing breakfast. It is a very funny and tasty episode.



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Eating It Episode 1 - Comedy and Food

Andy Forrester and David Tobey discuss Comedy and Food. Two road comics that like to talk about where they like to eat while on the road performing comedy. This week, Andy discusses The Vortex and The Colonnade in Atlanta while he was at the Laughing Skull Comedy Festival. David talks about his trip to Vancouver where he ate Homemade Sausage at Falconetti's and noodles at Jinyan-Ramen Bar.





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