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Eating It Episode 11 - Gobbling Gravy

This week Andy and David talk Turkey. And Gravy. And Dressing and Cranberry Orange Relish and Sweet Potatoes and... eh... you get it. It's our Thanksgiving Episode! David goes in depth on the best way to both Smoke and Roast a Turkey. The secret is BRINE PEOPLE! Andy shares his very complicated 3 ingredient recipe for Cranberry Orange Relish. Then many side dishes are dicussed including an in depth discussion on GRAVY! I know, it's crazy. Happy Thanksgiving and Enjoy!

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Eating It Episode 10 - Crop Circles of Bison

This week the fellas start out by talking about crop circles and we discover that Andy doesn't have a good grasp on farming in general. Then David takes us to Coral Springs, FL to both eat and perform at a great place called Tavolino Della Notte. Then he jetted off to Denver, CO where he enjoyed a Bison Burger at Ted's Montana Grill. Then Andy ventured all the way over to Durham, NC to a delicious but not so cheap burger joint called Zinburger. And finally Andy has a Cheesesteak at Mellow Mushroom in Herndon, VA. This episode will make you hungry and laugh. Enjoy!

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Eating It Episode 9 - Hot Wings & Hash

This is a fun episode right from the get go. David starts us out in Phoenix, AZ where he both performed and ate at Austin's Bar & Grill. (Or as their website calls it, Austin's Restaurant & Bar.) Then he shares a tale about a great place to get a breakfast burrito in Phoenix, Los Taquitos. Andy then heads to Cleveland, OH where he performed at the Hard Rock Rocksino which is technically outside of Cleveland. But, while visiting the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame he ate at two fabulous places while in Cleveland. First he went to Melt Bar & Grille where he enjoyed a delicious fancy grilled cheese, and then on to Big Al's Diner where he had some incredible Corned Beef Hash. And finally nothing makes a food & comedy podcast tastier than finishing up with talking about a Lice Outbreak at camp! Yum! Enjoy.

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Eating It Episode 8 - Spudnuts!

This week David and Andy record on Election Day. David tells us about the "Huge" crowds he had with April Macie at Shennanigan's in Nolanville, TX on Halloween. Then he takes us to London's Soul Food in Colorado Springs, CO where he gets a Cheesesteak because nothing says Soul Food quite like a Cheesesteak. Then Andy takes us over to Rise Biscuits & Donuts in Durham, NC where he grabbed a delicious Ham & Cheese biscuit, a Maple Bacon Donut and a Garbage "Wonut." What a shocker, he eats garbage. Finally the fellas close it out with a discussion on Pumpkin. Enjoy!



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