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Eating It Episode 18 - Sloths Cook Quickly

This week Andy and David return with some fancy eating and some not as fancy but very delicious eating. Andy starts us off in Jekyll Island, GA at the Jekyll Island Hotel Club where he enjoyed eating at the Grand Dining Room as well as the Courtyard at Crane. Then David takes us to what he says is the "BEST BBQ EVER" at Scholl Brothers BBQ in Paris, TX, and a great Tex-Mex meal in San Antonio, TX at El Blanco Cafe who has been voted Best Enchiladas for centuries. Lots of fun is had, and we do learn how to properly cook a sloth. Enjoy!

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Eating It Episode 17 - You Gonna Eat Your Cheese Paper?

This week we start off laughing and almost never stop. We may veer off on some very funny tangents, but eventually we get to the food. This week David takes us to Potbelly's, a nationwide sandwhich shop with a location in Austin, TX. Then David takes us over to Double Dave's Pizzaworks, (no relation), for some awesome pizza buffet and a CHEESESTEAK STROMBOLI! Then Andy takes us to Andy's Cheesesteaks and Cheeseburgers, (Also no relation), now known as Hwy 55 Burgers & Fries. Be sure and listen for the gun talk in the show, I think we are both still laughing about that. Enjoy!

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Eating It Episode 16 - Pizza, Stones & Bad Service

Happy New Year! This week Andy & David talk about a restaurant Andy Liked and 2 that David didn't. Andy takes us to Amedeo's in Raleigh, NC, an institution near NC State where they have some of the best blue cheese dressing EVER! Then David stops in at Zipps in Scottsdale, AZ for some bad service and a good burger. And then David heads over to Cheddar's for a bad experience all around. Andy is disappointed to find out that Cheddar's is not an ALL CHEESE restaurant, and be sure and enjoy the tale of Andy's NYE as he fights for his life against a Kidney Stone. It is a good time, we promise. Enjoy!

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Eating It Episode 15 - Ya Don't Need Teef

This week Andy & David make up for being off for a week by putting out a slightly longer episode. David takes a round trip through Texas and hits 3 different places for BBQ. First he stops in Luling, TX where he and his wife & sister eat some Q off of Butcher paper quick fast in a hurry at City Market. Then the same trio hit up Nathan's BBQ in Brenham, TX. And finally, to round off his cardiac workout, David and the men of his family all go to Black's BBQ in Lockhart, TX. Andy then takes us to Calgary, AB Cananda where he ventures outside of his wheelhouse to enjoy some Vietnamese cuisine at Bolsa Vietnamese Restaurant. And then heads back in his wheelhouse for some delicious yet poorly named pizza at Pizza Hotline. A little long but worth the listen. Enjoy!

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