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This week Andy and David sidetrack from their normal restaurant talk and discuss all things bacon. It's one of the greatest meats ever discovered and deserves it's own episode if not it's own podcast. Andy tells you the best way to cook/bake bacon so that it comes out cooked evenly and tasting delicious. We discuss different types of bacon, chocolate covered bacon, crispy versus soft and more. There's even a discussion of a new bacon themed restaurant, Crispy's Bar & Grill that looks to be a road trip in Andy's future. Don't miss the Great Wolf Lodge and water park discussion. BACON! I mean Enjoy!

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Andy and David are back talking comedy and great places to eat while performing it. Andy starts us out in Kinston, NC where he stopped with his Indian Princess and gave Kings BBQ Restaurant another try and they didn't disappoint. David then takes us to his house where he made what he claims were some of the best ribs ever, and he used organic ribs that had been "hugged every day and sung to." Andy then goes back to Kinston, NC on a separate trip to check out the infamous Chef and The Farmer from the famous PBS TV Show "A Chef's Life" for his 20th Anniversary with his wife. It was awesome! Then David makes us drool over Deep Dish pizza in Austin, TX (of all places) at Mangia Pizza. Don't miss David's family trip to Six Flags over San Antonio where he almost died and we learn that Andy is of course a giant scaredy cat. Enjoy!

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