Eating It
Eating It Episode 27 - Sitting In My Anger

Fun times are had this week as we discuss Eating It on both levels. Andy talks about a pair of turds at a show in Greenville, SC at The Comedy Zone but a great meal he had there. Then he heads over to Pete's on Pointsett where he had an awesome and messy burger. David then shares a story of why ADHD is horrible thing to have when remembering dates and he might have sworn off Taco Cabana for good. And there's a little treat for you if you listen until the end. Enjoy!

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Eating It Episode 26 - They Mix It In A Bowl!

This week we talk breakfast, pizza and burritos. Andy performed in Charleston, WV at the Comedy Zone and had an awesome breakfast at First Watch, and some pizza at Slyce Pizza Company which is open really late. David then shares his experience at a burrito joint, B.A. Burritoswho have a trick that makes their burritos awesome! Be sure and listen for the story of the lady with the 80's  hairdo at the show in WV, because Brian Thompson was awesome! Enjoy!

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Eating It Episode 25 - It Was Not GOOD

This week we start out with some crazy laundry and household chores talk, and then  it's on to the food. Andy went with Julie Scoggins and some other comics to The BBQ Lodge in Raleigh to eat a fabulous BBQ Buffet. Then David and the Mrs. tried Ross' Old Austin Cafe much to their dismay. And be sure and listen to what Andy learned from the Mexican waiter at his favorite Mexican restaurant. It's full of laughs, so enjoy!

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Eating It Episode 24 - And Then Your Foot Falls Off

This week we have a blast talking about food and comedy. First we find out that when David gets rid of his kids for a week, he and his wife eat high off the hog, including homemade Monkey Bread. Then Andy takes us to the Kiawah Island Golf Resort in Kiawah Island, SC where he enjoyed some fancy meals at the Jasmine Porch and The Ocean Room. Finally David tells us about Pacos Tacos in Charlotte, NC. There's some diabetes and Craigslist talk in there as well that you won't want to miss. Enjoy!

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Eating It Episode 23 - Win-STUM Salem Pt2

We continue talking about our excekllent weekend of comedy & food in Winston Salem, NC. We loved Breakfastime so much we went twice. They have some of THE BEST country fried steak ever. Then we visited the Carolina Ale House in Winston Salem where we enjoyed some Buffaloed Chicken and Fried Cheese Curds. A good time is had by all. Enjoy!

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Eating It Episode 22 - Win-STUM Salem Pt1

This week David and Andy, (that's us), talk about our trip to Winston Salem, NC where we co-headlined The Laughing Gas Comedy Club. We had a blast performing comedy and eating all over Winston Salem. First we hit Dame's Chicken & Waffles in Greensboro on the way there. Then we went to Duke's Restaurant in Winston for a great bereakfast and Little Richard's Lexington BBQ for some great BBQ. Then David and his sister went to Sweet Potatoes while Andy went home for a Polar Bear swim. They ate at one place twice and we'll talk about that spot in Pt 2. of our Winston Salem trip. Enjoy!

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Eating It Episode 21 - They Take-Uh The Creme

This week Andy and David talk about a few chains and some recipes. First they both have nothing but awesome things to say about the Italian cuisine at Maggiano's. Andy gives out a recipe for Beef Tips and Alfredo sauce. Then David and Andy talk about Smashburger. Andy is new to it and David loves the food but had some bad service in Vegas. Don't miss David's impression of his waiter at Maggiano's, it's the best. Enjoy!

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Eating It Episode 20 - You Dumb Amuse-bouche

Howdy! This week David and Andy have fun talking about Food Trucks, and a weird Sushi Place. And enjoyed eating from both D'Burritos Food Truck and Chirba Chirba Dumplings Food Truck. David shares his experiences with food trucks and then Andy tells us abouy Cowfish, a Burger and Sushi restaurant. Check it out. And Come See us together at the Laughing Gas Comedy Club February 19-21 in Winston Salem, NC. GOOD TIMES WILL BE HAD!

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Eating It Episode 19 - Biscuit Head

Guten Tag! Once again David and Andy have a good time chatting about Food and Comedy. Andy starts us out in Asheville, NC where he tries Biscuit Head, (Where you can get a FLIGHT OF GRAVIES!) Then David takes us to the other side of the country to Everett, WA to get some MOCHIKO at Hawaiian Sun BBQ. Finally, Andy brings us back to Columbia, SC where he had, (surprise), a cheesesteak at the delicious yet poorly named Very's Great Philly Food. And don't miss our spontaneous talk and review of the movie The Help. Enjoy!

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Eating It Episode 18 - Sloths Cook Quickly

This week Andy and David return with some fancy eating and some not as fancy but very delicious eating. Andy starts us off in Jekyll Island, GA at the Jekyll Island Hotel Club where he enjoyed eating at the Grand Dining Room as well as the Courtyard at Crane. Then David takes us to what he says is the "BEST BBQ EVER" at Scholl Brothers BBQ in Paris, TX, and a great Tex-Mex meal in San Antonio, TX at El Blanco Cafe who has been voted Best Enchiladas for centuries. Lots of fun is had, and we do learn how to properly cook a sloth. Enjoy!

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