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Andy and David are back (finally) talking comedy and great places to eat while performing it. This episode David starts us out at the infamous CASA BONITA in Denver, CO. David had no idea that South Park had made an episode about it and Andy had no idea it was a real place. Then Andy takes us to Creekside Subs in Brevard, NC for an excellent breakfast of all things. Back in Colorado David and the wife are in Estes Park at a great place called Claire's On The Park that was so good they went twice! And finally back in Brevard, NC Andy and the family ate ice cream every day at a great spot called Dolly's Dairy Bar. Lots of laughs in this episode. Be sure and listen to Andy's failed trips to restaurants on his family's vacation. They're awesome! And by awesome we mean terrible. Enjoy!

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David and Andy are back talking comedy and food and great places to eat. This episode has David flying in to Raleigh, NC to do a live taping with Andy. We trek down the road to a new deep dish pizza place in Raleigh called Nancy's Pizzeria. We thoroughly enjoyed the food at Nancy's as well as the goose guarding it's eggs at the front door. David then tells us about a great burger he had back in Round Rock, TX at Red's Porch. We had a blast recording this. Be sure and check out the Kalen Allen video we listened to where the guy watches some woman make a Jello Mold with Spaghettio's & Vienna Sausages. Enjoy!

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WE'RE BACK! David and Andy are back talking comedy and food and great places to eat while performing it. This week/month we start talking about mayonnaise based salads like Chicken and Tuna salad and how we prefer them. (STOP WITH THE HARD BOILED EGGS PEOPLE!) Then Andy takes us to Roanoke, VA where he performed at the Star City Comedy Club which is inside Corned Beef & Co. where he tried the Trademark Special. Then David takes us to Round Rock, TX to the oddly named Slap Box Pizzicheria. David went with the Mrs. where he enjoyed a slice the size of his face. Be sure and listen as we discuss how our children who are old enough to drive are refusing to, and how much we enjoy "To Kill A Mockingbird" and hate racists. Enjoy!!

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David and Andy are back talking food and comedy and great places to eat while performing. This episode really has us spread out. David starts us out in Hanalei, HAWAII where he took the family for a vacation and had some great burgers at The Hanalei Gourmet. Andy then talks about working at The Comedy Catch in Chattanooga, TN with Spanky Brown and a tremendous breakfast he had at Maple Street Biscuit Company. We fly back to Kauai, HI to where David and the Mrs. enjoy Kauai Ramen while the boys just eat Subway. And finally Spanky Brown takes Andy to a Chattanooga institution called Champy's World Famous Fried Chicken where the chicken is fresh and hot and so are the Tamales. Be sure and listen to David's review of Hawaii and listen as Andy discovers that Ramen is Japanese and not Chinese because he's an idiot. Enjoy!

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David and Andy are back talking comedy and great places to eat while traveling around performing it. This week David starts us off at the Mall of America in Bloomington, MN at the infamous Tim Hortons which apparently has made it's way across the border from Canada. Then Andy hits up a place called Bacon Bros. Public House in Greenville, SC. David talks Chipotle. And finally we are back in Greenville with Andy snagging a pizza at Antonino Bertolo's right on Main St. We recorded this in December, so I apologize for the delay. Don't miss the talk about how you can get a doughnut as a side. Enjoy!

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This week Andy talks about one of his favorite Pizza/Steak and Cheese places, Tony's Pizza in Raleigh, NC where they might let him make a pizza one day. David and the Mrs. try El Chilito in Austin, TX where David finally ate something that was as spicy hot as they claim. David and Andy both talk about the awesomeness of Jason's Deli. And finally David is back home in Austin talking about a burger with a zip code at Phil's Icehouse. And don't miss our Thanksgiving wrap up. Enjoy!

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Andy and David are back, (finally) talking about comedy and great places to eat while on the road performing it. Andy takes us to Birmingham, AL for some great Tips & Chips at Dreamland BBQ. David flies to British Columbia and first stops in Vancouver at one of his favorites, Jinya Ramen Bar. Then he and the Mrs. go to Squa7mish, BC (the 7 is IN THE NAME) and have a bite at Match Eatery & Public House. Andy heads to Punta Gorda, FL where he had a "Fat Boy Breakfast" at John Ski's House of Breakfast & Lunch. Finally David is back in Squa7mish at Howe Sound Inn & Brewing Co. where he ate a lamb burger. Be sure and listen to Andy's idiocy on sports as usual and we almost review Taco Bell! Enjoy!

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David and Andy are talking comedy and great places to eat while on the road performing it. This week Andy talks about being on the road with Jimmie "JJ" Walker and they stop in Atlanta GA at Daddy D'z BBQ Joynt. David then discusses the Taco wars in Austin, TX as he goes to Torchy's Tacos like President Obama did. We then talk wings and great places to get them including Buffalo Wild Wings, Wild Wing Café and Pluckers Wing Bar. David casually mentions that the BBQ Institution known as Franklin's THAT HE NEVER WENT TO in Austin has BURNED DOWN! And There's a moment in here where David loses his connection and the timing is hilarious. Enjoy!

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Andy and David are back talking comedy and food and great places to eat while on the road performing. David starts us off in Dubuque, Iowa at a Tony Roma's where he had a very delicious Memphis Burger. Andy then finally made it to the much anticipated BACON THEMED RESTAURANT in Kannapolis, NC, Crispy's Bar & Grill where he had their signature Steak & Cheese Wrap along with some other goodies Greg the owner let him try. The whole experience was awesome! Finally David heads down the road from his house in Austin, TX to Catfish Parlour, where David got... the Chicken Fried Steak. There's lots of talk about about "Onion Loaf" and be sure and stick around for the story of the slightly bigoted fellow Andy hung out with by accident. Enjoy!

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Andy and David are back talking about comedy and great places to eat while on the road performing it. David starts us out in Bismarck, ND at a Gift Shop where he overpaid for hot dogs. Then Andy swings by the mountains of NC to perform and eat a great Buffalo Chicken Sandwich at McGourty's Pub. David then takes us to a place where he and the family are known by name. A Chinese restaurant in Austin, TX known as Twin Lion. And finally I head back to Kill Devil Hills, NC where Dusty Slay and I demolish some pizza and garlic knots every night, and Andy ate one of the best brownies EVER at one of the few places that is open late in the Outer Banks, Sal's NY Pizza. And don't miss the talk about why you can't be too tall to perform at McGourty's in Tryon, NC. Enjoy!

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